Being a new designer means many things. Being a new designer in 2020 means navigating through a whole new world. Earlier in 2020 when I planned to be apart of the Summer campaign for the Designer Profiles in British Vogue, I was excited to use this space to mark the start of summer, share what my designs mean to me and share how I want women in my brand to feel. Summer is at the core of collection ENA and the essence of 'feeling good' is something I hope translates through my pieces. However, the last 3 months have been completely unprecedented and these spaces have now  become an opportunity to share more than what ENA looks like as the first collection for my brand.

Fashion to me is fun and represents freedom, a platform of expression and a space to be creative.  These are values I believe in and practice everyday. In April, I wrote that -  ENA represents unity and community. A concept that is relevant now more than ever and I think under these circumstances , a sense of community is the beginning to help us through these times.


These 3 covers for British Vogue, July mark a positive space for championing community spirit and celebrating courage in the face of adversity. The last few months and moments from the last few weeks have taught us all that there is a lot to learn, understand, grow from and make a change from in our day to day lives to truly create the unity we need as a world community. Like the women featured on these covers, we can all be everyday heroes in our own lives and communities.

Thank you to British Vogue for featuring my brand apart of their Designer Profiles and sharing my brand, ethics and values as a new designer in 2020.

Read more here, https://www.vogue.co.uk/news/article/keyworkers-july-2020-issue-british-vogue



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