What can I cut for you today...?

Yes that's right, I cut your orders! Sometimes my friends help and sometimes my Yiayia takes the photos... it's a team effort, what can I say.

Welcome to my brand, this is my childhood dream, my life (Yes, I really mean that...) and I can't wait to dress you!


Welcome To Our World!

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Where do I start, I discovered the brand via a friend's review and I've never looked back. For years, I've purchased luxury brands, then I discovered what luxury really means. I will start with the product - the garments are made to perfection, with the most beautiful materials that fit in that specific way to ensure that when your dressed in ANGIE XYLAS, you feel confident and ready to present yourself to the world with purpose. Empowerment, is the word that comes to mind. Then comes the service and the attention to detail is second to none. Angie is so positive and every conversation assured me that this is what luxury means, also I was given the comfort of knowing what was going to wing itself to me was going to be amazing an what I desired. Then - the after care service and relationship building is what will bring me back again and again. Angie you gave me my flowers, so please accept these virtual flowers from me! Thank you for making your community feel special with your wonderful brand.


Being pregnant for the second time I knew what maternity dresses were out there and I wanted something that was going to make me feel good and look different. I reached out to Angie and she was so easy to work with, so prompt with her responses and nothing was too much. I literally gave angie my measurements on a Wednesday and she had shipped my order by the Friday from sydney arriving on the Tuesday in melbourne before the my friends wedding. It was perfect and I absolutely loved it. I reieved so many compliments on my dress which was really nice considering your never feeling yourself at 30 weeks pregnant. Thanks angie for making me not just look fab but feel it. Highly recommend!


I am so glad I purchased from Angie Xylas! I had been eyeing her stuff for a while, and finally bought something this past month. The items were packed with such care. Every detail was thought out, down to the tissue paper with the brand name on it and the tags on the clothes. The pieces are clearly put together with care. Not to mention the fabric is so stunning, it’s shimmery but not scratchy and the quality of the fabric is really great. The outfit I bought was super comfortable, and she did accommodate the fact that I’m plus size. I wear a size 18 and she was able to take my measurements and make sure she could make just the right size for me! I really respect brands that work with plus size customers, and I’m so happy to report that Angie Xylas does!! I can’t wait to order my next outfit!!