Sydney-based designer Angie Xylas founded her namesake label in 2019.

A dream realised, AΞ by ANGIE XYLAS is a life-long dream Angie imagined creating everyday from early childhood.

The brand was inevitable to begin one day after years of dreaming, planning and designing and started unofficially after a one-off custom dress for a friend. This grew into a year of custom dresses for friends and family and was the backing for a soon-to-be launched online label that Angie dreamed of as a young girl.

In January 2020, the brand launched online with a resort-inspired collection, ENA and the launch of the ISLAND EDIT, an extension of Angie's love for Grecian design and Greek island life. Collection ENA was a swimwear collection paired with a small selection of clothing pieces and first featured the brands signature one shoulder silhouette.The Island Edit is a capsule of luxury accessories and knitwear from Greek Designers that compliment Angie's hellenistic aesthetic and can be paired with core pieces from the  ranges.

Heritage is at the core of the brand identity and DNA. The logo,  is formed by an English 'A' and a Greek 'X' (Ξ), which not only symbolise the split of Angie's Australian-Greek heritage, but are letters extracted from the handwriting of her late Pappou (Grandfather). Personal memories and stories are intertwined in Angie's designs and collection inspiration, holding true to her personal mission to build a brand and vision based on love and connection.

During 2020, Angie began experimenting more with clothing and today the brand is centred around contemporary clothing pieces produced on a made to order basis. The spirit of the brand echoes the personal style and vision of Angie and the brands DNA is focused on simple and uncomplicated silhouettes.

Proudly designed in Australia, the vision and feelings of the brand reflect the spirit of Angie's design ethos and the vision she has for the brand's future. Through the lens of a young designer, the brand values responsible design and beautifully made garments. We work with local pattern makers and seamstresses to bring our designs to life and work to build our collections with pieces our customers can keep for years to come.

As a brand, we place importance on

- mindful design and responsible production

- limited collections that utilise deadstock fabric where possible and investigating more sustainable alternatives for the future when we need to use new fabrics

- reinventing fabrics from previous collections into new pieces to end the roll 

- keep our vision for the future present in all aspects of design and production and available for our community to witness

Today, Angie is focused on growing the brand and sharing her love and passion for design with the AΞ community. Building on the cornerstone of the brands DNA and vision for the future, Angie is looking forward to building a team that shares the same mission and continue designing pieces that can transcend time and stay with wearers through life's special moments.

Welcome To Our World!